from my heart’s perspective

a sound piece created on october 4, 2008 while attending a performance featuring reed wallsmith (alto saxophone), joe cunningham (tenor saxophone), keith brush (upright bass), and johannes haage (electric guitar)

all sounds registering on a small microphone taped to my chest were considered to be part of the final piece. the sounds included those made by the musicians, the audience, the staff of camellia lounge, my clothes, and myself (including the sound of my heartbeat).

there seem to be so many perspectives or levels from which to appreciate the experiences summoned by music, like those of physics, of physiology. that which is possible from a spiritual level, an emotional level, physical. from the level of my ears, my heart, from perspectives yet unknown and ones that will remain so to me.

please follow the link below to listen to a small sample. within the piece, the musicians are playing a tune called “deep river,” an anonymous spiritual song of african american origin. thank you for your interest.

please listen with external speakers or headphones for better sound quality/ range of tones, thank you!
(i’m working on a better mix, too. hope to have it updated soon!)

from my heart’s perspective