moments of wonder

an offering of several discrete, unannounced aesthetic experiences which aspire to contribute to the wonder already present in every moment

Scratching the Surface, galleryHomeland, Portland, OR, August 29-September 7, 2008

firework 8.29.08
thank you paul middendorf

elevator music 8.30.08
thank you so much reed wallsmith (alto sax) and joe cunningham (tenor sax),
kristin davis and beam development at the east bank commerce center,
and alissa rozas, kurt heilemann and adam marquand for enjoying the moment with me

laundromat 9.5.08
thank you adam keller! and stephanie simek! (these are good folks! support rererato!)
julie perini (camera), colin beattie (set up), david kyle (music),
and mekale kiflezghie (generous owner of Suds and Duds on NE 42nd and Wygant)!

big white boxes 9.6.08
thank you so much malik brown, de andré brown, ayanna brown, theresa kilduff, leonard hicks, chrissie ott, su sanchez, eric steen, tuey burns, julie perini, matt deegan, corrie kieslak, and kary aloveah for making the moment so amazing!
special thank you to lecia neal and matt deegan from The Lippman Co. party supply!
even though i missed documenting the opening of the big white present boxes and release of the balloons, the most amazing moments of wonder are right here→ more moments of wonder 9.6.08 thank you so much guys!