display installation for love (experience)

display installation for love (experience), selfprojections, group show curated by gary wiseman, milepost 5, portland, oregon, april 18-27, 2008

this installation was created to display a few photographs/slides which document a work called love (experience), a series of time based installation experiences. each of the three people seen in the projections spent one night outdoors in the installation/white bed. photographs were taken at specific times to document the experience (namely, prior to the participant entering the bed, during the participant’s sleep at 3 am to document the hold not-hold of darkness, and at dawn to document night-time’s release of the participant to the morning light).

i made six hand-held single slide projectors from ephemeral materials (mostly tape and cardboard) and installed them in the empty room to which i was assigned for the group show- a potential bedroom with concrete walls and floors, a door and long windows. to me, the delicate nature of the hand-held projectors, the use of light to display the documentation, and the subtle haziness of the projected images, even when the viewers maneuvered the images into focus on the wall, helped to emphasize some of the thoughts relative to the experience* and honored the impermanence of the actual experience itself.

*please see the page for love (experience)

scroll down to view a few photographs of the installation.

thank you, anni tracy, for your work in photographing this show. please visit her website at annitracy.com. thank you also to ashley neese, gary wiseman, and claire patoine for participating in these photographs.