natural sign language

spring 2007- ongoing

a collection of sign language discovered and documented

the natural sign language of focus
explanatory text from the video:

  • locating the multiple open topics and ideas flying around during a focus-challenged conversation
  • putting focus on an idea (direct point and “drawing attention” point techniques)
  • focus (individual and collaborative)
  • increasing focus (focus logarithmically increased four times)
  • sprinklation (as applied to focus); boosts the potential focus-ability of another idea and connects it with the initial focus target; this is possible no matter how seemingly disparate the ideas

pushing the realm of possibilites

  • also useful as a sensational, janet jackson-like dance move

mental strength in the mind

  • according to some, it’s what we need
  • note the use of the finger (often representing an idea) reinforced by the enthusiastic and strong forward movement of the arm


  • if things are scattered and you want to bring things together, you just tighten it up
  • the addition of this sign represents yet another natural sign language discovery relating to the idea of focusing, which can also be interpreted as paying attention to the present moment.
  • paying attention (and delighting in) the present moment is the motivation behind this project. therefore, the project contains naturally occurring microcosms of itself.

check this out (check out this idea)

  • i am noticing that many signs are simultaneous collaborations. here is one example.

idea/ big idea

preparing the eyes for a see-it-to-believe-it experience


  • During the throes of inspiration, my friend leaned forward, said “do you have a..?”, and started waving his arm, making wild, tiny zig zags in the air. It was delightful to witness his body taking over the rest of the sentence. Here is a demonstration of the movement which so clearly communicated “pen” at the time.

erase that

taking in a complex idea (complex idea, tell me, little bit, all of the idea)

  • note the simultaneous display of multiple fingers (each representing one idea) indicating a complex or multifaceted idea.
  • note the circle (signifying all or whole) is drawn with one finger (one idea)

mental processing capacity attained


cover for the real thing

  • As in, “I’m not fooled. What he just said is a cover for the real thing that he’s trying not to say.”

that’s sad

its no big deal

  • this sign can be used with two hands or just one. whatever you want to go with at the time, really.

looking for ideas

you’re pregnant and you can’t drink



crazy busy