love (experience)

fall 2007- ongoing

cotton futon bed dressed in warm white comforters, white featherbed, soft and clean white sheets, fluffy white pillows; handmade notebook, white with silver-gray ribbon and grid paper; black pen; lantern; white slippers; glass foot-washing basin with warm water and thick, white towel; various collaborators/experiencers; nighttime darkness; morning light

installed in various outdoor locations

please scroll down to view select photographic documentation of the first three experiences followed by additional explanatory information

september 24-25, 2007

gw at 3 am

gw at 3 am 2

gw in morning light

gw in morning 2

gw morning clothes and garden view

september 25-26, 2007

rb bed before experience

rb 3 am

rb morning light

rb morning

rb morning ocean

rb morning clothes

april 11-12, 2008

the following are some clusters of observations/thoughts relative to this project. thank you for your interest.

white is the reflection of all color- reflection/self-awareness- illumination

white bedclothes- white awareness and complete acceptance of the collaborator- warm- safe

collaborator feels sheets on the body- self-awareness

vulnerable- sleep- vulnerable- love- trust- rest

darkness of night- black is the absorption of all color- all belongs- unconditional acceptance

darkness takes all color unto itself- a hold that is not a hold- an alteration that does not change

morning light reveals color- appreciation of what is- darkness does not try to hold on- open- free

one sleeps and the bed is there- wakes and the bed is there- like waking from illusion, that which exists in all moments is what is real- love