sonic eulogy for the m.o.s.t.

on august 11, 2008, a wake held in commemoration of the passing of the m.o.s.t. ( took place at junior ambassador’s foodcart. several of the attendants offered eulogies. documentation of my offering is accessible via the links below.

video most-sonic-eulogy-clip
audio most-sonic-eulogy

participants in the eulogy were invited to take one turn breathing in for 4 counts and out for 4 counts (one count for each member of the m.o.s.t.) before passing the microphone to the next participant. the breathing was recorded and looped, combined and played back amplified.

thanks to all of you who collaborated in the creation of this eulogy.
special thanks to davidkyle and his electronics.

a few notes about the thoughts behind the eulogy
death and rebirth- passing of the m.o.s.t. into their new manifestations as citizens of mostlandia
our lives begin and end with breath, moment to moment, lifetime to lifetime
constant death and rebirth
aliveness and much silliness, of course